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Constellations lamp
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Four Season Star Projection Lights-Constellations lamp

Process of making-up the products

Open the box, assembly instructions are behind, in the front of the box which contain
accessories, you can open the instructions and see above about the knowledge of
Constellations and Astrophysics and installation guidelines, quite interesting,
clear diagrams in the Instruction Manual, attached to the introduction of
assembly steps (Of course, if IQ is not a normal person is thought,it is another matter) !

Other attachment teach you how to produce which make lights rotate automatically
and enhance the effect. Well, first remove the parts .You will get several parts
of lampholders together a moment letter, and assemble the accessories,press the
switch and the lights will be bright Oh ~ ~ then assemble the ball, the ball
is more difficult to assemble, Because each side need to stick together slowly which waste
lots of time. . .Finally You finished it. . Pruning on the extra part of the ball,
Tore off the protective film, then place the ball in the lamp holder, You succeeded, an hour spent in all details.

Following the steps of the instructions to make a small planetarium, in that case there will
be 7 stars above or more than 1000 galaxies stars from the night sky appearing in your living
room, bedroom, study room. The dazzling night sky will be shown completely in your house,
Not only that, you can also regulate the four seasons so that Unique constellation in
different seasons occur in the star sky at home.


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